Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Charli mae PaRtY in a Box

~PaRtY in a Box~ was designed for you!! 

To make it easier to complete your next's all in a box!!A Gorgeous Bunting to hang above the table or in front of the table, A cake Bunting to go on the Cake, Cupcake Toppers for your Cupcakes and some treats for your guests.... Chocolate Wrappers for the Chocolate bars and Party bags. All matching with the same theme!!

                                                      ~PaRtY in a Box~ comes in 2 sizes:

Small Box $75-
1 Bunting
1 Cake Bunting
10 Chocolate Wrappers
12 Cupcake Toppers
10 Party Bags with Tags

Large Box $110-
1 Bunting
1 Cake Bunting
20 Chocolate Wrappers
24 Cupcake Toppers
20 Party Bags with Tags

Come visit me over at Facebook- Charli mae, to order! More designs coming soon!!

Love Rach xx

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