Friday, April 12, 2013

Lady Bug Party Inspiration


It's nice to see you! I know the blog has been neglected, but I have had a great idea for the next few blog posts. I would like you to follow me, as I create some inspirational theme ideas and products to suit your next celebration! Of course I will be promoting what is available to the Charli mae Store, but I will also have a pinterest board, which gathers ideas of other great products and resources for you.
I hope you will follow along, and would love your feedback or requests!!
This week, I created some products for a Lady Bug 1st Birthday. An adorable theme, especially for a girls 1st Birthday. 
 As you can see above, I have captured these products, simple party products which can enhance your Lady Bug Birthday theme. 
Milk bottles with an extra flair.... use Black or Red Chevron Washi Tape to incorporate the Lady Bug theme. And add Chevron Black or White Straws. 
The Chevron Paper Party Bags, Thin Lollie Bags and Chocolate Wrappers will delight your guests! Use these as take home gifts for your guests, or little treats throughout the party. 
The hand stamped spoons, chocolate wrappers and thin lollie bags can be personalised and designed to suit your needs.

I have also grouped together, some more inspirational photos through the Charli mae Pinterest Board.

What theme would you like to see next??

Rach x

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