Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Frozen 5th Birthday Party

Frozen 5th Birthday Party

My eldest Daughter turned 5 a few months back… and I forgot to share some little images from her Birthday!
Indiana had a Frozen themed Birthday at Plaster Barn, which is located in Geelong (Australia)
Plaster Barn is Geelong's only plaster craft shop!! Paint and design your own plaster which is glittered & glazed to take home. Also available for birthday parties! Plaster Barn has a small party room located at the back of the shop- Amanda the owner, was fabulous with all the children and conducted a few party games too!

Invitations- Frozen inspired
Snow men- Olaf
These little Olaf's were easy to create! 
What you need: white marshmallows, pretzels, orange snake lolly, white and black icing.
Method: I used the white icing to stick the white marshmallows together. (squishing the bottom marshmallow to help Olaf to stand) With the black icing I created Olaf's buttons and eyes. The orange snake I cut out a nose for Olaf and place it on with white icing. And gave Olaf some arms with the Pretzels :)

Plaster Barn Geelong
 I came across some exciting news that Plaster Barn is expanding...Make sure you head over to the Plaster Barn Facebook Page to keep up to date with all that's happening!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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